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 PublicCraft Ranks

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PostSubject: PublicCraft Ranks   Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:05 am

[Guest]                        When you join for the first time, this is your rank, you can't do anything yet
[Member]                     This is the rank after you made your application on the forum, this is the main rank
[Advertiser]              This rank is yours after you made an advertisement video about this server (everyone higher than this rank can fly)
[Donator]                     The Donators are the awesome people who donated to this beautiful server
[Moderator]                  Moderators are the players who try to moderate the server and they promote guests to member
[Admin]                       Admin's are the dedicated people who administrate the server, promote guests to member and if you want, they can protect your house for instance, they can worldedit, so if you need help with We or protecting, you should call those
[Manager]                  The Manager is Guineaman8, aka: GuineaCorn, he is sexy beast and #1 at everything
[Co-Owner]                  The Co-Owner is Sup3rp1gm4n, the one who co-owns the server :3
[Owner]                       The Owners are mcmaniac1998 and snoz113. They are the best people in the world, they raise PublicCraft, Thanks for that guys Very Happy
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PublicCraft Ranks
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